Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's Good About Today?

Pandora Radio surprising me with old favorites, time for re-writes, Steve's remember when story, a fire in the wood stove, a plan for supper, some retail therapy and a good morning meeting. For all these earthly pleasures, I am grateful.

Saturday, the joy of being home during daylight hours, my cocker spaniel buddy, my mother and son who overlook my crankiness, my lovely slim tower Dell that brings me all of you. For this, I am thankful.

Chores yet to do, a job that challenges and rewards me, my beloved friends in all their disguises, Mother Nature in all her glory, bright and dark sides. For this I give thanks.


  1. Sounds like a pretty damn good day.

  2. Proof that everybody's different. I would never place chores yet to do on the 'good day' list. In all things, you give thanks. I should too.

  3. I'd give thanks after a day like that!