Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Evening Out, Coming Back to Center

Just a note to say that I am busy, busy but not crazy today. Took Mom out to look for a new mattress. She's SO funny around people that she doesn't know. Her social skills aren't that hot and sometimes she comes off like Maude, that character in a line of greeting cards.

We were talking in the car about something and she said, "You make the decision, I will support you. I'm not saying wholeheartedly, but I support you." That's about as good as it gets. Can't argue with a grandma who takes her pills and still washes! My dog loves her, his Cocker Spaniel stub of a tail vibrates and his whole butt shakes when she gets up in the morning, 'that's my new girl, he says, we hang out all day together!'

I can hardly believe how angry I was just a couple days ago. It's humbling and that's what's good about today.

1 comment:

  1. ...and all roads lead to God...

    Glad yesterday was better for you must be really hard for her too...

    I'm here for ya, girlfriend, if ya need me....