Thursday, January 21, 2010

Retreat, Revamp and Re-Enter

One thing that I've been learning these last 10 days or so is to notice when I'm getting stressed. This is very helpful because the next thing that I have to learn is to STOP what I'm doing, saying, thinking. I guess it was last night that I noticed that I have been going up and down like a roller coaster. That is not good for one's health and I will not participate in that way again.

What's good about today is learning to protect myself from unnecessary stress and anxiety.


  1. You are a wonderful role model for all!

    Aloha, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  2. try changing direction mid stream. do something that you enjoy. I stop what is stressing me and blog.

  3. I do everything that I can and use the tools of the program to rid myself of stress and anxiety. Sometimes I slip but most of the time I can simply pause when agitated.