Sunday, January 10, 2010

Growing Pains?

I ran away from home to see Where the Wild Things Are. Cried all the way through it. Too much for this child, I was always afraid he was getting hurt, I was afraid because his heart was so hurt, I saw myself, my son, my mother, my friends. I thought the descriptor of visually arresting meant that it would be beautiful. It was quite brown and sad.

I ran away to cheer up. I am so unsettled. That's not saying much, if I have an overdue library card I am unsettled. Can you tell I am not from the alcoholic sector of this blogger world? Interesting that some are talking about honestly. My blogging is honest. I have no interest in making anything up.

It's just another day in the final analysis. Some oldie like Krishnamurti was asked how he kept his equanimity, he replied that he guessed that he wasn't bothered too much how things worked out. Sounds good.

He would have made it through that movie just fine.


  1. In the short run, I want things to be worked out IMMEDIATELY. In the long run though, I realize I can't be.....

    "bothered too much how things worked out."

  2. Steve,

    I think that is a very good point, the trick is to take the long view.

  3. I figure that things will work out the way that God intended. I don't need to second guess anything.