Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the Fly

Another reason not to think that you can write your life story on a library computer. Sticky keys!! I sound like I'm writing on an old typewriter, I have to attack the keys to get them to strike.

Enough whining. My life is getting a little soap opera-ish. My mom is definitely coming for 'awhile' AND I realized my son is definitely smoking reefer. Bad boy. I told him to stop. And why to stop.

He lost his keys yesterday and again today. Duh.

What's good about today is that we all have our coping skills. I didn't do any drugs when I was in his age but I engaged in negative behavior with myself, I sold myself out. It's a long trip for some of us. He has his own higher power and I trust that all is right in the world.


  1. At first I read this and thought, "Ewww! What did people get all over the library keyboards? The uncouth slobs!"

    And then I realized you were talking about regular old key-sticking from frequent use, not gum, food crumbs and spilt drinks. I suppose I was recalling my bad old days when I knocked over a glass of wine on my laptop and melted the motherboard. My old guilt was showing ;)

  2. Come to find out that it was a brand new keyboard!

  3. Lots of challenges need lots of prayers.