Sunday, July 4, 2010

Companion of a Sun-like Young Star

Just copying the name of my astronomy picture, tell me that when you are feeling connected to your HP, you don't feel like a 'Companion . . . Star'.

That's all I really have to say today. Have one more day to enjoy before coming back to my work, does anyone remember in the book Franny and Zooey, how she wanted to pray without ceasing. Anyone out there . . . ?

What's good about today is peace. Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes and peace in the world.


  1. Oh! Great goodness of God. PEACE!

    Don't remember the "ceaseless praying" Peep. But in 24-Hour-A-Day book (Hazeldon) on may 16th
    it speaks of praying ceaselessly, until our prayer turns into praise. (Also in book God Calling, same date.) LOVE it!

  2. You need to link your blog and email ... it makes it easier to reply to comments both for you and me .. LOL ... you asked about my birthday .. its Feb 7 .. thanks for the visit and think about linking your email ...

  3. peace is indeed what's good about today for me as well... pretty much a day off, jsut a quick few hrs in the office, then back home to enjoy my family, in peace :-) enjoy!

  4. Yes, I like having the peaceful feeling as well. It is a good thing.