Friday, July 16, 2010

What's Good About Today

1) U-pick fruit farm close by has added peaches and corn to their sign today, I will be there tomorrow morning before the heat and the people close in on the place

2) Unfinished Adirondack chairs for $27, marked down from $29. Who can resist? Not me with only 2 outdoor chairs to my name.

3) Morning meeting. They can have a meeting without me but I can't have a meeting without them.

4) I have to tell you that I did go ahead with the re-financing of my house. When I brought my concerns to the loan manager he cleared up a couple things for me. So, the good new was that I asked for help and I got it. And I got the needed reinforcement that I don't always get 'the facts' right (shout out to Mr dAAve).

5) There are non-program friends in my life going through strife. I can listen to them and support them without porously absorbing their angst. They have a higherpower, as I do, and we never know how things will turn out.

6) It feels like 95 in my blogging cubbyhole and thunderstorms just blew through, sweat is rolling down my face, I thank God for civilization that has given me a roof and air conditioning in the next room. Off I go.

Love to all, thank you for my blessings. Good night.


  1. That's great that you were able to refinance. I was not able to. Bastards. LOL

  2. there's some might fine things going on there...

    having just left the mortgage industry after several years, I completely understand the joy of refinancing, I hope it goes well!

  3. Whew! That is hot. I haveva good breeze here on the boat. Good about the refinancing.