Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This 'N That


Just claiming my seat. All is well, I'm working hard to keep caught up at work as we are down a staff member in my two person department. But I feel strangely calm because I'm thoroughly minding my own business. There's plenty of people that get off on their own adrenalin and I can be affected by that. So, I smile and make gentle inquiry, enough to show that I'm noticing them and then mentally back off.

My son is getting rides from buddies and says how glad he is to have friends.

My 'wood man' dropped off a cord of wood for this winter. He and his wife leave for Boothbay Harbor, ME in the morning. It is a 20 year old tradition of taking an old car up for a show there. Now, they re-connect with other old car friends. Their children have grown up doing that and now they bring their own children and they all stay at the same place in separate cottages etc so it is a family reunion. I don't have anything like that going on but I still have 20 years to develop a tradition of my own!

I'm going to back out of a re-financing deal. Better now than later. I was going to convert to a 15 year loan but caution is setting in. One of my character defects is being too grim, too stingy with myself. How like me it is to embrace making heavier financial burdens for the dubious goal of being better off 'in the future'. Better to be good to myself in the moment so that I can afford to enjoy myself and be comfortable.

What's good about today is recognizing old, self-sabotaging habits.


  1. Piling up wood for the winter--made me realize why I live in Florida--after 45 years, I forget!
    Crapola...after 15 MINUTES I forget!

    And "checking yourself" before signing a contract, then backing out--a SURE sign of growth. It is FUN to recognize, sometimes SO late--sigh--that I have erred in a judgment, even a decision...but never too late to "back out".

    Thank you for YOUR meanderings, Carol.

  2. Minding my own business is what I learned in Al-Anon. I am glad for the lesson. Sounds as if things are going well for you.