Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in Our Homes, Peace in the World

Did you feel that? Here's some more. I'll blow a little more cool breeze your way, to the South, that is. Why are so many enduring bloggers from that direction?

I am on day 3 back in the work world. Despite the heat, my brain is staying cool. The lesson I took from my vacation is to slow down, stop the multi-tasking. Take time to do each thing and stop hurrying. Hear what other's say but don't take it personally. So far, so good . . . and soooo . . .

what's good about today is equanimity.


  1. Enduring bloggers in the south stay indoors w A/C...what else to do,!--grin!

    Carol YOU are an enduring one--almost sounds like endearing?

    Interesting lessons you brought home from a three-day-away. Slow down? Hmmmmmm? HOW?

  2. Thanks for this message. I needed to hear it today as I have been thinking in retirement that I'm not doing enough! Imagine that.