Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh, Boy

Guess who has their first court appearance this week? No, not me, smarties. My son, not even 18 & a half must answer for an unopened beer in the car. Oh, yeah and a 'little' pot. Pulled over for being left of center. Do you think that they know about the subsequent passing on a double yellow line last month?

Enough of that, sounds like he'll face some consequences. I hope, because my disapproval ain't enough to change his behavior. The big and powerful me, imagine that?

Thanks to program, I can still have a good day whether my young male is having one or not. All is right in God's world whether we agree or beg to differ. Now if you southerners would stop throwing those 100 degree temps our way, that would be just fine with us thin skinned New Englanders.


  1. I never had an unopened beer in the car.
    Well, I guess I did ... the rest of the 6-pack.

  2. I'll put in a request to stop sending the heat your way if you will send some of the cool back at me. It was hot here today, too.