Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hi dAAve, My Understanding of Humility

I remember hearing that humility was the greatest of all attributes because it is the gateway to all learning. Today, my lesson in humility is that my son needs less of my help, I cannot paste my 50+ year old head on his rubbery little neck.

So, he got the driving suspension that I had hoped would happen. For 60 days the folks of Merrimac River Valley will be a little safer on the roadways. And I will have a lesson in detachment with love.

What's good about today is humility.


  1. I just MUST write this--one of your readers may not have heard it:

    Humility is NOT thinking less of yourself.
    It is thinking of yourself LESS.

    Let's see--did I get that right--grin!

    It is ALWAYS a lesson learned--sometimes again and again...for me, anyway!

    Thanks for your perspective and sharing. Does your son have a bicycle?

  2. I was just working with a newcomer
    on humility, yesterday - I tried explaining step seven with: putting the cart before the horse...(as we read the chapter)
    I found my definition (a clear picture of assets and liabilities) got added to, with: being 'right size'-which goes along with step three and turning it over! and that- as you point out, has everything to do with
    detachment. Thanks!

  3. consequences help... they aren't fun but they help teach!

  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing the thoughts on humility.