Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Moderate Me

Lately, I've been deluded by images of grandeur such as perfectly executed borders on my gardens, finished sleek & modern rooms in my house, a finely tuned spirituality appreciated by this world and others.

Actually, I am one of moderate emotions, moderate tastes & aspirations. My ego powered imagination would like things that are pretty phenomenal. Mind you, some things do happen but seldom what I expect.

Guess, I'll just keep it in the day, watch my one tomato ripen, say my prayers tonight and thank God for a roof over my head and food in my cupboard. And a special word of appreciation for daily bloggers!


  1. I have that same appreciation. Life can be gone in an instant so I am thankful to be here.

  2. Since I do not blog every day, I express my appreciation for Peeps like YOU who have much to say to Peeps like me, who need constant vigilance in their lives, and a spirit to follow...daily!

    Carol thank you for being HERE!

  3. Being happy with what we have is difficult.

  4. I sometimes have that thing in my head, that says I could have done that better, I could have finished that task finer, it could look nicer, if only... and then I remind myself that it is fine how it is, nothing is worse for wear, not me, not the garden, not the bike trip, I am and can do enough each and every day, to be content.

    This one struck a cord with me Carol.