Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cynicism, Sarcasm and Equanimity

I can't think mean thoughts and keep my equanimity. We learn on a page in an Alanon reader that the word sarcasm derives from the Greek 'sarkos', meaning tearing of flesh. I have an awareness, and so, a degree of self control over that.

Someone mentioned that they are a cynic. So, am I. It allows me to feel very smart and world-wise, it feeds my ego like crazy and it's also a pretty negative attitude. By it's judging nature, it takes me into a one up-manship with others. This takes me out of being right sized. In the moment it means nothing, but internally my soft parts know that I am in disarray, my behavior has not matched my truer, more powerful belief system and parts of me are protesting.

Now that I'm aware of it, I can work on acceptance of it in myself and take the action of praying for it's removal from me.

Yippee, that was easy! What's good about today is going to a daily meeting to get reinforcement for my emotional sobriety.


  1. tis good to be aware of the things we'd like to change in ourselves... for so long, I thought I was fine and ok, and everyone else has issues. It turns out I was quite wrong. Today knowing what I know about me, thanks to a good 4th and 5 steps, I can work on me with HP in 6 and 7.

  2. Carol, this from Mr Sarcasm (me). OMG, "Tearing of flesh". And isn't it the TRUTH? Why do I get to be 77 years of age before being "asked" to change lifelong habits?

    Sarcasm, Judmentalism, Superiorism, and many others--bloggers do not need to know ALL, even though they probably do anyway.

    All I can say more is Thank YOU for another perfectly-timed reminder. That one about the daily meeting...I guess that is what is saving my life.

    PEACE to us all!

  3. I am not a fan of sarcasm, although I have used it to wound others. I am working to be more aware at how my words can wound just as deeply as my actions.