Thursday, July 29, 2010

Identify and Compare

Outside meetings I have a difficult time identifying with others. I just put aside a book by Bill Gates, Senior. I couldn't identify with intact families that grow up with a service ethic, siblings that are different but all end up in leadership positions. Frankly, I don't want to hear it. I'm not sure that I even believe it.

I got an e-mail with attachments from my sister, the Republican. She was proud to send photos of our 2nd cousin, a member of the Director of Finance for Canada, posed with MO and BO. What? She can't even say their names. Or refer to them by their offices, our President and First Lady. The pics are lovely as they are 3/4 views of them as individuals with Sarah, as if they were in your living room.

It got me to thinking about my cousin and his daughter. One would think that nothing disappointing ever happened in their household either. I can't identify with successful people or secret-keepers. I have always had to blab it out.

I love my people. Twelve step people that have been rubbed fuzzy and real by life, just like the velveteen rabbit. They might not be 'all there' or have my interests at heart but they're the real thing. Just like me. Now, I can identify with THAT.

What's good about today is that there are people like me and I have found them.


  1. Velveteen rabbits are my kind of people too.

  2. such a relief to find someone who understands that whch is nearly confounding!

    I luv the rubbed fuzzy by real life! Great!

    Thanks for the poke in my comments!

  3. Amen, amen, amen to everything you said in this post! Glad I stopped by to check out your blog. I will be back! Thanks for coming by mine and commenting!

  4. I identify with real people. If they have had all run smoothly, that is awesome but most of us have had our hard knocks.