Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool Stuff

Last week I stayed up until midnight and abruptly awoke at 1am. To the side of my bed was a woman facing my bedside table. She was in profile, wavy hair that was chin length and bangs, the details were etched in light. There was something frail about her, she was about average height.

In a nanosecond it hit me that I was alone in the house with doors locked and there was a stranger in my room. I screamed and turned the light on. Of course she was not there. Or, should I say that I could no longer see her? It struck me that my bedroom is pretty dark, I asked myself how I was able to see the details of her hair. I could not bring myself to turn off the light again, I was that unnerved.

What's good about today is you never know what's going to happen.


  1. Everything you have written here I believe. So many happenings which are inexplicable. As I become older, they seem to be more frequent, spaced closer.

    One which happens I cannot tell you in public, because it is kinda "far out" but it DOES happen to me, and I've found out, to at least two other bloggers who you probably know. A real angel "time-movement" thing. I'll see if we still have your email...

  2. I was wondering whether you knew her. I have very real dreams about dead relatives. Interesting that perhaps her energy is still present.

  3. wow. I have really real dreams about dead relatives, too. Just had one last night about my grandpa who died a few months ago. I had a angel thing happen to me when I was 4 yrs old that I still remember.