Sunday, September 27, 2009


Conventions are very healing. We had a committee meeting as our group is 'putting on' the New England CoDA Convention, November 13-15, you all are invited, see the NE CoDA website for info if you are in the area and register with yours truly, Carol, grateful member etc., etc.

My Alanon sponsor, God bless her. We had an important 5 years or so together when I started out in program. Her blessing was that she was strong in service and loved conventions. I went to my first when I was barely a year in program and I was hooked. Between NH and MA Alanon, Intl Alanon last year in Pittsburgh and CoDA, I've been to probably 10 conventions, each different/memorable in their own way. A couple have been nearby and I have gone that Saturday and maybe returned on Sunday morning, they were great. Most have been further away and I've stayed overnight, in that bubble of program, that healing bubble and they have been sublime.

That said, I have no expectations when I go to conventions except that I expect a nice time and validation of the value of program. What I usually find is a solution of issues within me that I did not know even existed. It is that healing of an experience.

Just today, I was asked to lead a workshop at the convention, any topic of my choice. I declined, stating that as registrar and recovering co-dependent, I did not want to take on more than I could handle. Tonight I was re-reading the past week's chapter in Artist's Way, reveling in the richness of CoDA issues, reflecting that a workshop in recovery of creativity would be well received, I realized that I am willing to do that thing. Yes, it's service and yes, it heals me.

What's good about today is that creator sourced creativity is not work in the usual sense of the word.


  1. Lovely. I am moved sometimes in ways that mystify me, and I love it.

  2. It sounds like a great topic. Good for you.