Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Love . . .

~That I have 20 followers instead of 19. Twenty seems like a much fatter, happier number than nineteen. Although 19 is prime, very special, it was a skinny not quite complete number, it seems to me. I could go on and on (moon in Virgo, sun in Aquarius) . . .

~That it is no longer September 11th.

~That I told my secret to someone tonight. No, I am not pregnant. There is a part of my story that I am very careful about. I have told it here and there and it is painful. I think I may begin a campaign of prayer to forgive myself. And I know that I will tell my program friend when the time is right. Like tomorrow. And I will heal. (Amends have been made and are ongoing in changed behavior, so please don't go there.)

~That birds can dance.

~That there is much delightful in the world.

What's good about today is the ability to look outward as well as inward.


  1. Ohhh! the forgiveness of myself, how wonderful that finally IS. Even when there was no reciprocity (acknowledgment of the amend) from the party I hurt. Bur how right! CHANGE is the word, and use the experience to help others.

    Thank you for reminding me to figure that all out--today.

    It sounds as if you're working a wonderful program!


  2. When you said that birds can dance, it made me think of Bert from Sesame Street doing the "Cuckoo Pigeon."

    I enjoyed the smile it brought me.

    Check it out yourself, if you like ...

  3. Dear Carol,
    So sorry to throw your count off, but I just had to do it. You had 20 followers rather than 19 for just a short time.

    Now you have 21. Guess why? :)


  4. Carol, this is a happy post. Thanks for making me smile today. Birds dancing, prime numbers...all are happy things. Enjoy your day.