Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mystery of Hua Solved

Don't know if this is true for you but when I get a comment, it also goes to my e-mail. So, even though I lost it when I tried to publish the comment, the content was in my in-box. The site is called or something like that and caters to all areas of health, just took a look around, didn't hit me one way or another. I don't know if this blog would stream into their directory or if I would have to write specifically for them, I would think that it would carry over since I gave them my url etc. Please write me if you have more of a clue than I do.

Anyway, it is Saturday, thank you, thank you source of the universe, thank you labor movement of the Industrial Revolution, thank you Jewish Kingdom for having the holy day different from Sunday enabling us to enjoy a two day weekend. Thank you for those who died clearing the way for this and many other rights that we enjoy but take for granted.

I'm grateful this morning, can you tell! A grateful heart will never bitch. It is raining this morning. Even so, this shall be a weekend of fun with friends, viewing beautiful things and enjoying laughter. My house is clean, my wood is dry, my cupboards are full and my heart is open. Hallelujah Baby.

What's good about today is that even in knowing that this too shall pass, I can enjoy the moments of peace, joy and serenity.


  1. I received the same comment. I thought it was a joke when she wrote that she was looking for healthy writers! LOL

    Let us know how it goes :o)

  2. ".....even in knowing that this too shall pass, I can enjoy the moments of peace, joy and serenity."

    Sure Carol, these pass, as everything does. But I have found their stay can be extended, sometimes for a month, even for a year. Isn't that marvelous?


  3. I was a blogger for Wellsphere, and what it meant was that all my blog posts were uploaded to Wellsphere. The bad thing was that if I changed or updated a post, it did not change on Wellsphere. Additionally, I could not delete any of my posts on Wellsphere. I also didn't have any ability to moderate comments.

    I ended up asking them to take all of my posts down and cancelling my username.

    I think the site can be useful for a lot of things, but less so for anyone wanting to be anonymous and/or talking about their more personal life vs. physical health issues.

    That was my experience, anyway.