Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing, Nothing, Something

This morning I was feeling very silent as I struggled to come up with words to fill 3 morning pages. I considered since I'm on week 7 of Artist's Way and I am an adult that perhaps Julia Cameron could look the other way if I downgraded myself to 2 pages. Then I wrote the third page.

Came home exhausted from working, ravenous. Satiated myself with potato chips and sour cream, cleared off my coach, sipped decaf, fell into trance, revived and opened Natalie Goldberg's Long Quiet Highway, Waking Up in America.

Natalie writes all the time. Meditates a week at a time. Embraces the pain of sitting face to face with yourself with pen in hand. She's a tiger. For her, it's breaking through to a new place. Waking up to consciousness.

I can do three pages a day. Maybe three at night, too. Training for Nanowrimo in November. Half measures avail us nothing. Join me, won't you?


  1. I like that! Training for the writing contest. Enjoy it all. I do enough writing each day as it is. I need some serious down time.

  2. Uh, did she really wash her face with Comet?

  3. I'm lucky to get a blog written daily. AND sometimes I think that calling what I write a blog is kind of stretching it. :)

    I champion you and your efforts.


  4. HI Carol!!!

    Good for you...I'd love to read Goldberg's books...the only thing I have is Writing Down the Bones...I'll look for Long Quiet Highway.

    I need to get back in the Artist's Way too....I love it.

    You inspire me!!!


  5. Reading yes...writing no. Although I greatly admire those that do!

  6. Scott,

    The God's truth, Comet. Fine, porceline textured face.