Friday, September 18, 2009

I Didn't Know That I Didn't Know

It's funny or tragic that once we wake up to ourselves, that we stand up in our own reality, we can recite the line (I didn't know that I didn't know) with impunity as if we are finished with it. Okay, okay, I need to own it and not project it on to my brilliant readers. So, on any given day, I will try to remember that I am always a child turning the pages of a book that will tell me new things, paint new vistas, that will, in fact, blow my mind. If, I have Beginners Mind, exalted in Buddhism and 12 Step Programs then I am always open minded. Beware of Hubris. I had a short vision type of dream last night. It was poop being flushed away. I flushed. More poop in the bowl. Flushed. Oops, more to get rid of. I think it was condensed hubris I was trying to get rid of!!

Here is something I found that I really like, poem from Robt Fulglum

There is really nothing you must be
And there is nothing you must do
There is really nothing you must have
And there is nothing you must know.
There is really nothing you must become.
However. It helps to understand that fire burns,
and when it rains, the earth gets wet . . .

What's good about today is the willingness to open our minds and hearts.


  1. Oh I really liked this poem and I had never read it before - it is perfect for me today!

    Like you I found as I woke from my 40 years of just going where life took me that " I too did not know, that I did'nt know".

    Have an excellent weekend.

  2. I always try to remind myself that I will never know it all and that I need to stay open to the learning process.

  3. Thank you, Carol. I needed that dream too. And thanks for being a friend!


  4. ...and if I get caught in a fire, just pray for rain? --grin!


  5. Good reminder...
    your post makes me feel free to just be.
    Funny how we need that sometimes...

  6. Sorry you had that poopy dream. No telling what the difference between Jung and Freud would be on that one.

    I like that poem, though.