Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hold My Calls

I will be . . .

1) Hurrying outside to get my mile in before it gets too dark.

2) Making raspberry jam (good pickin' today after a sunny week) if I remember to buy more sugar while out on walk, see #1.

3) Smiling ear to ear. Please jump on Yarn-A-Go-Go blog on my blogroll to celebrate with Rachael Herron, newly published writer. I have followed her blog for 4 years or so, almost did Nanowrimo because of her. Every now and then I leave a comment for her which she graciously answers in her totally upbeat way. She rocks and is enjoying the unveiling of her first book of a three book contract, I just got to hear her voice for the first time! My dearly departed sister is smiling over my shoulder at all this because she is the one who turned me on to her blog, the only one that I had ever followed before I caught on to 100 Sober Blogs a year ago.

What is good about today is that sometimes success comes to those who work hard and are kind to others. Rock On, Bloggers, Rock On.


  1. Hard work, and treating others with kindness is an unbeatable recipe for success.

  2. Yay for all the kind people!

    And I thought you were following my blog ;-]


    Comfort Spiral

  3. Loved this upbeat post! It made me smile!