Friday, September 11, 2009

Hua, Healthy Blogs, Where Are You?

I received a nice comment and an invitation to check out a blog/site?/collection? from Hua but I bungled the comment and lost it into cyberspace, couldn't remember the key words well enough to google it. Clearly, it's a good thing that I'm not entrusted w/nuclear energy or something because there may not be enough safeguards in place to keep me from bobbling IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Enough with self-flagellation. I'm up in the wee hours, went to bed too early, tired out from stacking wood but awake and mulling over annoying details like lost comments, work misunderstandings, mysteries such as Will I Ever Get Over Myself?

Since it's just you and me all cozy at 3am, let me again tell you what a good time I'm having with Artist's Way. Two years ago I gave it a try with a group that fizzled but now I'm getting so much more out of it since I've gotten involved w/CoDA in the meantime. She never mentions that at all and only obliquely refers to her alcoholism. I'm just having a much richer experience. Let me tell you that I'm not creating anything per se but it is definately recovery and rewarding. Bouquets to you, Julia, MUHH!

What's good about today is sharing your gifts.


  1. I'll bet you'll find many more good things about today.
    Why not?

  2. Good morning to you! Hope ya have an excellent weekend.

  3. Don't know Hua, but if I run into them I will send them over!

  4. I suggest you taking Ginkgo Supplements to increase your memory performance :)