Saturday, September 5, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Library closing down, am jotting a quick line to you. Home computer is on the fritz so this is my route. Hmm, new title, Four Routes, that just doesn't sound right.

What's worse is I don't have time to read all your stuff.

Quick word on Labor Day that I heard on NPR. We have the labor effort to thank for two days off. That's right. Two days. The Weekend. Just think, people died for that. Sunday was easy, a day of worship. Saturday got added as there were so many Jews workin g in the factories.

Hah! Two days in a row off. see ya!


  1. Since you're not able to access your blog, and thus can't read any comments, I won't leave one today.

  2. Computer problems - arg! But you gave us a gem: "people died for this." Let's remember those who fought so we could live a with dignity and do the same! Aloha,we'll be here when you return, And we WILL see you at our blog too. Right? ;-]


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