Friday, August 6, 2010

#1 Show Up

Just claiming my page. A point was made in a meeting this week about the importance of keeping routines. I'm a pretty random type so that does not instinctively make sense to me. But I'm seeing some of the benefits. It saves me from indecision, easier than making it up each day, easier to keep good (mental & physical) health routines.

What's good about today is staying in the process and taking the focus off the outcome.


  1. Just claiming my space in the commenting arena. :)


  2. a daily effort at connecting with HP and getting recovery behaviors going was very helpful to me early on... call it routine, call it whatever lol it helped!

  3. Plan plans, not results!
    Yup loosely held reins and lists, (as long as first things first, apply)I turn it over, make my list, turn it over again- with prayers and gratitude, all mixed in !

  4. PG, you are funny! I think I will follow suit and claim my space in the comment area too. I do better on a routine as well. The problem is, I have to be the one to design it. I don't do well when others try to add their wants and needs into my routine.