Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Me, Oh, My

1) Did you hear that big clunking noise earlier today? It was the sound of my mother's heart dropping to her feet. My sister and her husband took Mom to the nursing home and left without her. Mom was not liking it. My sister and husband feel like turds. They did not tell her ahead of time which I can understand. I learned the hard way that Mom is capable of a one woman sit-in in matters much smaller than this.

2) How long is an 18 year old allowed to float without job or school? I know I'm jumping the gun so that's why I'm talking to you peeps, instead of real people, hee hee. I'm letting off a little steam. Maybe it's time for him to live with his dad. My ex fought down and dirty for him 10 years ago, it could be his turn, now.

What's good about today is talking to others and then listening.

1 comment:

  1. Sad about your mother. I wish that there was a gentle way to do this. Hopefully, she will like her new surroundings.