Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happiness Not By Accident But By Choice

Borrowed that subtitle from Garytude, his subtitle, my title-title.

This is the third incident that I have come across virtually the same message from different sources in the past two days. The common theme is that you cannot dwell on unhappy things. One source put it this way, 'banish unhappy thoughts from your mind'. I like that, in cognitive therapy terms it is called thought stoppage. So, if, just by chance I am beating myself up this weekend, at my first awareness, I stop that thought and substitute something else, usually a prayer or a sentence of gratitude.

I can use this strategy readily because I think most of my sad thoughts are delusional. They are incidents of forgetting that I am a bad judge of 'the truth' so I just give a mental burp and it's gone.

What's good about today is that I'm teachable. Again and again.


  1. Love this post. That last line is poetry....

  2. Nice. I think the bad thoughts happen and I have to work through them . I don't fear those thoughts as I used to.