Sunday, August 1, 2010


Another cool day, under 80 degrees. As the stand in rector said today, think of Carolyn (minister) and Cindy vacationing in Maine basking in the fog.

I'm still painting, washing the car, washing the dog. Bless the neighbor's son, yesterday he took down a tree for me and a forsythia bush the size of a living room. I have to laugh because it looks like a tornado came through that corner of the property, leaf and small branch detritus on the ground and a big open area minus the eyesores.

It has been a great weekend of fixing one thing and then another. I will be glad to get back to work tomorrow and my morning meeting, a big source of my socialization. Other than nodding to church people and my son and I passing like ships, I didn't see anyone I knew this weekend.

Back to my peeps in the morning. Oh yes, and as for you peeps. I saw a car with ham radio license plates today. It made me nostalgic for growing up with my dad talking to people all over the world and always having K8PLD plates. I might need some vanity plates to keep it going, 'cuz I talk to people all over the world, too.

What's good about today is family, biological family, 12 step family, family of man and woman. We are all one. God help us to get to the point that all of us know that.


  1. Let's see:
    BLGR 2
    3 RTS

    Yes, sometimes I forget, we "talk" to Peeps all over this earth--daily. And I remember back when we received a "long distance" call, everyone huddled around the telephone to catch the sound of Grandma's voice...

  2. I like that too. I wish others would realize that really we are all one.