Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our (yes, you & I) Best Thinking

One of the statements at a meeting that I love to hear and love to repeat is that 'my best thinking got me here'. I usually add that it will keep me 'here' for decades to come.

My son has been out of town at a friend's house for a couple days. In the time that I haven't seen him, he probably hasn't signed up for classes, gotten a job or done much about that Selective Service item of mail that came last month.

He probably hasn't killed or robbed anyone, either. And you drivers in the Merrimac Valley are a little safer while he is without a license for another month.

So far, I can tell you that he is a more like his father than he is like me. One of the things that I thought of when I was divorcing his father was that he was bound to be sharper with a parent who didn't have to think a bit before telling you that 2X3 is 6 (not really 5 which is what first comes to his mind). Anyway, I'm not trashing his father, he has other good attributes. Just not enough of them.

Nature or nurture? They both have very slow natures. If something spills, they both have the same slow look at it, diffuse confusion on their faces . . . I confess that I don't know how long it would take for them to take action because I've already jumped for a paper towel.

My point is that I can plan whatever I want and my higher power is more and more amused. What's good about today is knowing that my will is just that. It may not be what's in the cards. Come on, by blog or comment, give me an example of your best thinking!


  1. letting go and letting God gives us such peace... not always easily accomplished, but certainly more than worth the effort

  2. It was my LACK of thinking which got me here 36 years ago. As as long as I continue to NOT THINK, I may continue to NOT DRINK...maybe!

    Your blog posts are great (always have been!) and your blog-roll is SUPERB!

    Have a good Sunday--or Sundae?

    PS. Your son may never grow up...I know.

  3. I don't think that any good thinking but desperation got me to recovery. I knew that I needed to help myself.