Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Sunday

Happy that my rector (just like saying that) & her partner are back from vacation on the Maine coast. I was telling someone the other day that I hadn't gone away for a long time. He thought it was because I'm content and I have to agree.

Happy that because of HOURS of painting, my deck and it's chairs look spiffy. They are further decorated by a bunch of plants that I picked up and will hope to weather over until spring. Nothing terribly exotic, coreopsis, yarrow, purple euphorbia, houtanyea, red penstemon, a couple of decorative grasses, one on each side of the door, I'm such a yuppie. Is that even a word anymore?

Happy that the conversation I overheard next door about the husband defending his drinking just stayed a conversation.

Happy that the neighbor noise factor, little girls SSSHHHRRRIIEEEEKKKING in the pool, the din of 70's music playing and the chainsaw was a little less today.

Happy that I stayed for coffee after church. I willed myself to do it. And was told by an acquaintance that she has gastric cancer to be operated on soon. That's why I need to show up.

So, I am happy that tomorrow dawns a new day, will reunite with my daily morning peeps and see how everyone is and take another stab at living one day at a time, being grateful and working my program.


  1. Hi Carol--Thanks for the visit! I think that if everyone took the time to practice gratitude like this, the world would be a much better place for all of us;)

  2. it's good to be there for friends... glad you're so content these days, that too is good!

  3. Carol, the deck sounds great. Good for you!