Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's Wrong With Me?

Feeling a weird today. Maybe it's reading too many vampire books, I'm polishing off a series on the 'summer reading for high school students' counter, written by a teacher and her daughter. Sort of a Hogwarts school for vampire training. This latest #5 or 6 centers around making good vs evil choices and I'm wigged out. My son is away a second night 'camping' and as much as I say I like it, anxiety & paralysis both slip in to me. I don't do much except zone out and read, maybe that is called relaxing. How come I feel close to a panic attack?

What's good about today is that soon it will be tomorrow.


  1. VERY SELDOM...NOT OFTEN...HARDLY EVER!!! But dontcha know? I feel the SAME DAMMMM WAY this night. In fact, it started early afternoon. I might even get into bed B4 11 PM tonight (a first for 2010 for me!) is THAT bad. YOU know, just "escape". And then it WILL be tomorrow! Is that not a GIFT? Tomorrow is always "special"...anticipation, wonder, excitement, trust, faith, hope, and the fresh new start those virtues will bring with them.

    I will pray tonight (SOON, that is!) for you, Carol, and for all us bloggers, who are all human--SO human--and all loved by the God we understand--or don't understand yet. We will, when the time is right!

    Good night.

  2. Going to meetings. Working with others.
    These are the bright spots of my life.

  3. I like to read daily readers or something that helps me to understand when I feel down. I hope today is a better day.