Friday, August 27, 2010

Kindness is the Mightiest Force in the World, p299 ODAT

Well, it stopped raining.

I'm melancholy. I hate admitting that. Suffering is going on around me. The son may not be able to do college level work, according to his placement testing. He did not seem to be taking it too hard as he left for a camping trip yesterday.

Two of my friends would like to take my co-worker's job slot if she doesn't come back. They believe themselves to be suffering in their present jobs. The three of us were around a big table at a workshop yesterday. I realized that I need to stay neutral about this. Especially when seated feet away from them.

Have not heard from missing co-worker for over 12 weeks as she has extended FMLA, whatever is going on I don't believe is fun. Just randomly let me add that an acquaintance told me Sunday that a mutual acquaintance (her ex-partner) came very close to dying from a suicide attempt a few days before.


My mother getting shooed from the front doors of her nursing home. She is used to life ad lib and now wears an arm bracelet that beeps near exits. She blames my sister & brother in law for 'getting their revenge on me'.

Suffering. All life is suffering, isn't that the Buddhist wisdom? Let's practice kindness in what we do for we are so fragile, all of us.


  1. Yesss! I believe in kindness, totally! (Can there be too much--maybe?) And tolerance, patience, and, and...

    I went back (100 miles) to a place I had been the day before...and, after lunch, they told me that I had brought many blessings upon their business and their home.

    I told them those "blessings" were mine being received FROM them.

    We DO affect every person we MEET, and vice-versa!

    Thank you carol, for a lovely post...

  2. I am sorry about these things going on in your life. I know how hard it is to have a parent in a home. Hang in there.