Sunday, August 29, 2010

Somewhat Better

Part of my feel better campaign was to go to church. She (rector) said that we come for many reasons and that some of us want to feel better about ourselves and be happier and that Jesus, of course, was much more radical than that. Which made me feel even more sure that I am so not worthy since I am pretty self involved.

Anyway, I need to get over myself, I'll just keep praying and putting myself in holy places and be patient, trudge the road to happy destiny.

PS My vampire heroine, Zoey, died at the end of book #6 saving her human boyfriend and her Goddess markings disappeared, which is ominous.


  1. Some days I need to get over myself too.

  2. "...I'll just keep praying and putting myself in holy places..."

    My opinion: Carol, wherever YOU are...that is a holy place...indeed, is not God everywhere? AA BB pg 55 "...Great reality is deep down within the final analysis, that is the only place He may be found." (Not exact quote, OK?)

    DOWN with anxiety (mine also!) and

  3. Go for peace and hope-even learning ?!