Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrate the Day

Not that there is any thing special about today. Not until you get to a meeting and are reminded that it is something to celebrate. I get to my 7am meeting only on Saturdays, it is an open AA mtg, round robin and the theme is always 'what's good about today?'

In my experience of meetings, there is an intensity at AA mtgs that is not often present in my other ones. I resonate with that spirit because I, too, am there to save my ass. Meetings save me and when I get too far away from them I leave myself vulnerable to my own worst thoughts. Even with that help I am amazed at how close desperation can be, it is around the corner ready to catch me off guard.

So, I absolutely agree with the old timers. Hit your knees, go to meetings and ask for help. And today I heard the instruction to 'celebrate the day'. That's why I need to listen, through the mouths of others I hear the voice of my higher power who I choose to call God.

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