Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 16

I love to learn from those who have gone ahead of me. Perhaps that is a co-dependent feature to believe that others are ahead of me. I think that if I put them on a pedestal then that would be my old co-dependent ways. I'm just saying that I can appreciate what others have to say and that started in Alanon. At that time, I lived with the active disease and I needed the experience of those who had some recovery. The slogans and sayings were comfort in some mighty long nights. They carried an essence of truth that I could believe in and take to heart.

Accepting Life on Life's Terms. I still feel a sense of relief when I write those words. My son was 7 or 8 when I entered program and I remembered thinking that if he could learn a few simple truths such as that, he would have a better chance at living a happy life. It's years later and yet just repeating those words still lifts burdens from my shoulders and I feel lean and clean. I cannot change what I cannot change. The pain is in the struggle . . .

My parting words are the tag line that Garrison Keillor (sp??) gives at the end of his Writer's Almanac Show on Public Radio . . . 'be well, do good work and keep in touch' . . . such love and wisdom abound in the world if I can keep an open mind.

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