Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things To Be Grateful For

Look at that, I have three (seems like more if I spell it!) followers. I am proud to be in your ranks. I'm just feeling run of the mill blessed today. My mother fell and broke her wrist over the weekend, had a plate put into it today, my sister is local to her and can help her through it. Mom is 89 and my sister is in her 60's. I'm grateful that they are in good health and that even though we've never been close, we've never been estranged. I'm grateful that my neighbors are doing well, the dad just came home from major surgery and the son (my son's best friend) was headed towards an appendectomy yesterday. I work in healthcare and I am one of it's biggest critics but I am grateful that there is skillful help for people in need.

I'm grateful to be a little removed from my thoughts and feelings, mostly I can think about what I want to say, I can know a feeling is just a feeling and I know that the only thing important is what is in this moment. That is where the magic lives. And you and I are in this moment together.

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  1. I've been following you in my google reader. It's so great to watch your progress. :)