Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

In the last few months I have read less and less from the Alanon daily readers and more from one by Melody Beattie entitled The Language of Letting Go. I'm not a huge Beattie fan but when she 'hits it right, she really nails it' so I keep hanging on for those moments. The reader came into my hands from another program member, I really love it when that happens.

Anyway, the theme of today's reading is to put martydom aside and enjoy the day. We can go through the day making ourselves feel depressed, anxious and deprived. One of the most valuable things that I heard in Alanon was that I could start my day over any time that I wanted. In the beginning of my recovery it meant that I needed to take the focus off what the alcoholic was doing and put it on myself and my choices.

Nowadays (won't make it past spellcheck!) I don't have an addict to blame but I can sure turn my beedy eye on co-workers. I notice that I can expect strange God-like perfection from bosses, I can expect them to be the perfect parent and the perfect role model. Of course they are human, no more or less than the rest of us in a higher powered world.

And so it falls back on me to make it a good day for myself. And with practice and prayer, I can.

And that is what is good about today.

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  1. Welcome to blogland Carol!! I'm really glad you decided to start writing. I think you will find it helpful. I try not to think about the "Public" aspect of the blog and think of it as journaling but that could be troublesome. But acutally the interaction has been very helpful..and definately offers both validation and right-sizing. Ironically, as you know, I've taken a bit of a break from blogging, at first it wasn't intentional and then I thought I better make it official..and lately because I have been feeling unsettled I think it could be in large part to doing away with part of my program and will probably begin again soon in no small part to finding you here so thanks!!!

    I haven't read Melodie Beattie but I do receive Hazeldon's Thought of the Day and that particular book always resonates with me so its on my TO read list which is very long.

    What's Good About Today is that I skipped the meeting this morning and found your blog! Have a great day..xo