Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday is always a mish mash for me. Yesterday, my 17 year old son injured my car, now it needs body work if we are ever to open the passenger door again, much less drive with pride. My mind goes blank when I think of what to do about the car situation. I need to keep it simple-Get Estimate First.

My mind goes blank when I think about blogging, about the actual process. The first few days I was ecstatic. Now it just feels like I'm talking to myself. Which reminds me of journaling in Alanon. I did feel like it always helped. But about a year ago I read a bunch of my old notebooks. I admired where I was at but realized that years later the questions/breakthroughs that I had were the same as they are now.

My mind is just blank today. But I did nothing for which I need to make amends. A personal Hippocratic oath, Do No Harm!


  1. I talk to myself all the time...because..I'm the most interesting person I know! Not really, just keep at it...soon you'll be trudging along a day and you'll find yourself saying..I should write about that....or...that's experience would be great for the blog....

  2. What I've found helpful is to remind myself that I don't have to DO something each day in recovery, I simply have to be in the moment, take note of my feelings, and try to let myself relax. It is a way of allowing the change to happen organically rather than overthinking and forcing myself with undue pressure. It takes time. Being kind to yourself is key. I cannot believe how long it has taken to learn to be nice to myself. Like you wrote in a earlier post, self care has to be put towards the top.

    Hang in there. It takes time, but it will happen.

  3. Thanks ladies, I went on to have a melt down with my son today which is really unusual for me and it had a sense of inevitability about it. Onward and upward. Or sidewaysward.