Friday, August 7, 2009

Ebb and Flow (You know them)

'I may not practice my program perfectly but I always have my program' is somewhat how one of my favorite Alanon quotes go, it is on the Just For Today bookmark. It's good to invoke when I'm falling away from meetings or otherwise tweaking it.

I'm having trouble getting my mojo up for the Sat am meeting, it is a super mtg but an hour away with a step mtg after and so I generally get home at 1pm. An excellent mtg but it has trade-offs. Like getting up with my son and doing nice early morning walking etc. Sleeping in. Hmmm. By making phone contact a couple times a week with my buddy from that mtg I keep the juice going. Hmmm. Last Saturday, I was feeling the resentment about the ride, counted over 20 stops/traffic lights on the trip. Hmmm.

I don't know. Guess I'll get up and see what I want to do. Cadillac problems, how nice. That's what is good about today.


  1. Ain't it always something, Carol?

    At red lights, I might watch ahh...people, or think pleasant thoughts from another time, maybe even (shudder) make a mental gratitude list. I know, I know, it sounds like "He thinks he's Mr Perfect"...but that's not so, I just keep on "trying". God is the leader, and as "Chairman", I am beginning to let Him pick the topic.

  2. When I am in a place that isn't so comfortable in my head, I just try to remember that had I not found my AA program, I would be dead and then I wouldn't be in any kind of place in my head or anywhere else.

    This practice keeps me "real".


  3. Ebb & Flo were the old couple next door.

    Flo was talkative and outgoing. Ebb was taciturn. They made a perfect pair for the ups & downs, stops & starts of life......

    Relax and enjoy your hard earned, not broken-in peace.
    Aloha, Carol
    try visit, eh?

    Comfort Spiral

  4. ... I love the Just for Today .. it is on my refrigerated.

    Trade offs....... is all about balance.. you could always go every other week..?? or whatever works best for you..