Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sharing Vulnerability

It's the theme of the day. I had a dream last night that involved trying to get to my morning meeting. First, I arrived early, only saw one other early bird there, the undeclared leader who made a comment because I was half naked. Yes, there I was ready for the meeting unclothed from the waist up! I was embarrassed, trying to cover up with my arms and left before anyone else came into the room. And the dream was a little more low key after that.

I had gone to bed last night connecting with how alone I feel. Not self-pity, not forgetting my higher power, just the fact of living with a son ready to leave the nest, going to work beside someone who doesn't make eye contact until lunchtime. Basically, no personal contact unless I make it happen. So, reaching out is what I do. And I did call my CoDA phone buddy and share my feelings and my dream.

And I did read today's page from Language of Letting Go which encourages deep sharing with others in order nurture relationships.

And I did share at the morning meeting, continuing a theme I heard of loneliness woven through the 20 or so shares that went ahead of me.

And I will continue to share in my Alanon mtg tonight. My vulnerability, my strength, my experience, my hope, my nakedness :)

What's good about today is that every awareness is progress.


  1. Awareness is great progress!

  2. I would have been happy to point out, well, maybe not...

    Here's to being of service today...


  3. Ahhhh...I think we have all had those types of dreams before! :-)

  4. Seems like you're on track to me.

  5. You are on the worthy path, pilgrim. You will find hints of connection that will lead to compassion for yourself and all your other selfs out here. We love eachother, but it is lonely in this unnatural (for a soul) meat-body. My channeled word for you today ;-)

    Hope to see you in da Spiral!


    Comfort Spiral

  6. Awareness! Ha! What an important concept, that
    I must identify something (either good or bad) before I can do something about it.

    Awareness! Wow! (Might that have something to do with "get out of myself"?)

  7. 20 or so shares? Shew, we have such long-winded sharers lately taking an average of five minutes per share. bleh.

  8. Loneliness is a strange thing. Sometimes, I feel lonely even when I am surrounded by others. Keep reaching out and connecting. Here and in the real world.