Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Solution

I did go. I took off early from home, located a fancy grocery store to see if they had a goody that I needed. Overshot the meeting place to take a walk around an old fort (that's f-o-r-t) by the ocean.

Seeing the water really helped, the route that I took was much nicer than the mega highway. So, it wasn't about a martyred drive down a soulless road. I got to my meeting and I got to have some new experiences too and also found a new way to get there that passes by ocean. How lucky am I?

What's good about today is that I know it.


  1. WAY lucky, girlfriend...or way blessed, maybe!
    I love driving down uncharted highways..especially by the ocean! Long for the day when I can live there again...

  2. Old "fort" wonderful. You made me laugh on a Sunday morning Carol. well done

  3. I remember those martyred drives down soulless roads, driving right past the ocean and not even noticing. I'm so glad you found a route that makes you count your blessings.

  4. I love the ocean and I think walking around an old fort by the ocean would be a wonderful thing to do.

    I love St. Augustine, FL and the fort there.

    Have a blessed Sunday,
    Prayer Girl

  5. Gotta watch out for these old forts.