Saturday, August 22, 2009

More of the Same

"We gobble the words of others rather than digest our own thoughts and feelings, rather than cook up something of our own." Julia Cameron

I am a toddler running around deprived of a pacifier. Went to my morning meeting, decided to leave during the meeting after the meeting, sick of hearing the same crap. Sick of my own crap. Might take myself to see a movie today. Even if it is someone else's words.

What is good about today is that I can tolerate discomfort in the pursuit of something better.


  1. Just keep "keeping on". Persistence, patience, practice, and prayer will eventually "pay off".


  2. Ooooh that last sentence was perfect Carol! " I can tolerate discomfort in the pursuit of something better."

    Brilliant! and those are your words!

  3. You know, Carol, for some reason I too, am finding it easier--well, maybe more simple--to handle emotional pain.

    Actually I do not handle it, I substitute other stuff, going to meetings, finding a new guy to be with him as he helps himself, with GOD IN ATTENDANCE.

  4. Carol, there are times when I feel discomfort and usually calling my sponsor, going to meetings and using all the tools available to me helps. Thank goodness it all passes and brighter days come.