Friday, August 14, 2009

So Smart

Who or whatever created nights and mornings did it right. Even though I've stuck with going to bed at 11pm, I've been waking between 2 and 3am. typically I'm awake for an hour or two, tossing and turning. I use all the centering tricks that I can think of with only mild effect.

Then I wake up a couple hours later, refreshed. Not great but certainly vastly improved. I'm calm, not worried about anything in particular. What a good system our bodies have.

What's good about today is gratitude for things, big and small.

Speaking of gratitude, I made a little joke when I shared at my Alanon meeting. It dropped like a bomb :-)

I mentioned the saying 'a grateful heart will never drink'. The topic was irritability. I said maybe we could adopt the saying 'a grateful heart will never bitch'. Not ONE SINGLE CHUCKLE or shared eye contact.

But I like it. Have been saying it all week when I catch myself indulging in the poor me's. It turns my attitude around on a dime, I tell you.


  1. I guess you needed to define the word 'bitch'. If that were a general rule, no more bitching, most blogs would end and most meetings would be adjourned. I like it too. I'm going to remember that this week.