Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plodding, Happy to Be Plodding

Just claiming my seat/keyboard. Gratitude List today includes

1) after you work awhile, you get to go home
2) the weather changes as often as my frame of mind, perhaps there are winds that circulate through my brain
3) that it is just an ordinary day despite it's minute terrors (I was in charge of the bldg again) with just ordinary me making ordinary decisions, plodding along, why not?
4) that I have a meeting to go to tonight, will likely end up chairing as it is a mtg that is waning, it has always been cyclical; I can go there with the attitude that I might have something of value to share rather than the attitude of hoping that there is something that I will gain
5) that I had two phone msgs waiting for me from people hoping to get together soon, people who enjoy my company, that feels good at any age

What's good about today is that I realize that I have choices every minute that I'm conscious.


  1. I have choices...Oh, how DAMN true!

  2. I'm glad you claimed your keyboard and seat with this gratitude list.


  3. Carol: Thanks for awakening and reminding us of life's gentle truths...
    Comfort Spiral

  4. Your company has been enjoyed here...

  5. That seat seems to fit you just right!