Thursday, August 6, 2009

Solitude vs Isolation

Syd's post got me thinking about solitude/isolation. For me the difference is my internal thought processes. Say that I have a day off from work during the week. It can be solitude or isolating once I've chosen not to fill it with errands and agenda.

It can feel isolating if my thoughts are 'other' centered. As in wondering what others are doing or thinking, comparing myself to others, thinking about my past with others, worrying about my future. Ego centered mess between my ears.

If I'm essentially alone for the day but my thoughts are of gratitude, I get into something that needs organizing or simplifying, I spend some time in prayer or otherwise attending to simple essentials that support or nurture me like taking a walk or talking things over with the dog. That feels like solitude but also being part of the universe.

So, to me (this post is making me think, bringing me along) maybe isolating equates to struggle and solitude equates to acceptance. Hey, it's just words, I think we all know what we mean!

What's good about today is talking things over with you and getting to hear your comments, have a great rest of the day.


  1. I agree with what you wrote. I had never really thought about where I crossed the line towards isolation. But I certainly used to be so happy with solitude when I was a kid. Now I enjoy solitude but still like to share things with those I love. This must be co-dependence.

  2. I completely know what you mean. I get it 100%!

  3. A brillaint exposition of a conundrum we all must make peacw with, Carol. Brava!
    Aloha from da beach-
    Comfort Spiral

  4. At this moment I have not one solitary thought about "solitude and/or Isolation". In five minutes I might --grin!

  5. To Claudia, Oh da beach!

    To Syd, I think enjoying things with others is healthy.

  6. Alone, not lonely. That is a gift of sobriety for me. I cherish my alone time. I am getting to know me there.

  7. For me, I have to be careful about any labels (e.g. "isolation", "solitude", etc.) in that I once I've identified it as good or bad or whatever, I will use it as a tool to better manage my life.

    And, that doesn't work real well for me...

    Better I turn it all over to God and live the life provided to me by being the best me that I can be with people or alone...

    Blessings and aloha...

  8. Carol - I too was caught up with Syds post about the varying difference and reasons we go to the solitude and isolation places...

    Loved your thoughts on this.