Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Very Late Post!

What a day! A list of things to be grateful for . . .

1)After 90 minutes, my son managed to hook up the wireless router so that my lap top can truly be a lap top and so I do not have to be connected in this funny little room at the top of the stairs that is hot and stuffy.

2)I started the day at 6am with my phone phobic friend placing a call TO ME. While I greeted her, I opened a gallon of milk to pour into my coffee which instantly curdled, started over again with powdered milk from the cupboard and knocked over 6 spice jars which fell onto the counter. She seemed to think that she caught me at a bad moment (I wasn't swearing!) and wanted to get right off the phone but I wouldn't let her and we had a good talk.

3)A co-worker trusted me to read some work that he has done on a novel.

4)My son says he saw ____, 'our alcoholic', in the next town helping an older woman into a bank. I broke up with her in 2003 and he has never wanted to talk about her or acknowledge the part she played in our lives. He said he hung back, out of sight. I probably would have done the same even though every day my mind touches on her.

What's good about today is that the mystery unfolds whether I like it or not!


  1. ...and, sometimes, I have to ask myself - what would I have to give up to call this life (this mystery) perfect?

    That has lead to some interesting perspectives for me...


  2. That ole man river, keeps on rollin' along.....

  3. Thanks for you very late post. It sounds like life at its most realistic.

    Thanks always for you comments on my blog.


  4. Mysteries have their "way" of unfolding, of releasing their secrets. Science and research help them.

    I like that term "our alcoholic"--Carol, is that son's term or yours, or both? If she was seen being so helpful, maybe there is a recovery there, which is now mysteriously unfolding --grin! Hopefully!

  5. Sounds like more will be revealed. You seem to be in a good place. I would have made some kind of strangling noise about the coffee and canisters.