Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enjoy the Good Days

I nabbed the title (from the daily reader, The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie) off of the May 10th reading because I am starting to believe it! There is a melancholic twist this morning as the phone rang shortly after 9am. (It was actually my second call of the morning as I continue to get telemarketer calls, probably representing a non-profit, that hung up before I could say STOP CALLING ME. These are the 'agents of Satan', Davy and Martie take notice, how about fixating your awesome energies on them.)

Anyway, it was my sister calling about my mother, both 500+ miles away. For the past several weeks Mom is doing weird things such as falling, hopeless short term memory, periods of panic. Today it is disorientation at 5am and a toxic BP which has come down, somewhat. I work in the elder business and I recognize the downward turn of it, the circling of the toilet bowl, if you will.

So it is not a good day for them. And many other mothers who are 'out there' in any number of ways whether homeless, godless or in mourning. But it is an okay day for me. I can feel thankful for that. Not guilty, not undeserving. I just take my place amongst us all, no more, no less.

The sun is out, I am breathing, I can love others and accept their love. That's what is good about today.

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  1. Carol, I hope that your mom will enjoy her last days. It's hard to see a parent start to weaken and know that the end of life is near. I saw that with my mother towards the end. She was 95 so it was time. Hang in there.