Monday, May 25, 2009

ReCap on Sunday

So what actually happened was that by 2pm I had convinced myself not to go to the cook-out for several yahda yahda reasons. I was accomplishing stuff at home, working for an hour, taking an hour off. Then it was 4pm, time to work some more and I reminded myself that being out with people was part of my work, too. I know that I need that as part of self care.

So, I went late and took nothing. I can't say I had a GREAT time but it filled in a corner of my life, I have great respect and affection for the hosts. They are celebrating 30 years of friendship and were married last year and I am a better woman for any time that I spend with them.

What's good about today is realizing that selfishness does not expand my world.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful "recap"...I love "recaps"...usually, usually!

    And you, and I, and everyone else keep on growing in all these virtues--though in my case it is OH! so slow.

    Peace! And thank you for your comments--always I have this need to hear from the Peeps--I hope you are a "Peep"!

  2. Good for you to go. It is good to spend time with good people.