Saturday, May 2, 2009

A New Day

And what a day planned. First stop is the morning open AA mtg that I only get to visit on Saturdays now that I go to work at the quack of dawn. Drive an hour and then get to my CoDA mtg-sacred to my heart. Stay afterwards for the Step Mtg, we are on #9 and I am taking my turn chairing. Brief break and then off to a planning mtg at noon for the New England CoDA convention on November 13 (y'all come). Whooh.

I'll be the one knitting. It helps me to listen in a weird way. Between paying attention to my stitches and paying attention to people sharing, my mind can't drift away for very long. Keeps me pretty much in the present.

It's all very good, as long as I keep my expectations reasonable. And that is what is good about today. And that I have 5 (count them!) followers, thank you for coming and commenting.

There is a comment on today's astronomy description drawing the viewer's attention to 'a trail of gas and dust detected that suggest that all 3 galaxies have had close encounters with each others in the past'. Were they also talking about bloggers??

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  1. I've been meaning to take up knitting. I'm so envious of the skill.