Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little Gratitude

Just feeling grateful that I started the blog. I didn't particularly do it to 'grow my program' and yet I feel that it has benefited me. Somehow it has made me think things out a little more, it feels more helpful than a journal. There is a piece of risk as well. To think out loud and risk judgement. A very scary thing for a co-dependent and that is probably where the growth comes in to play.

I have said my piece almost every day and nothing bad has happened. Even mastering the technical aspects of the blog has helped my confidence in myself.

Last night I stayed up past my bedtime. I drove out a little further than I would have liked to, went out to eat with friends (some known to me and some not) and finished up with a dynamite dessert. We laughed, chatted, teased each other and walked a lot. It was good. And good for me.

I'm happy to be well received in a meeting. But it's the other 23 hours that can be the test of my program and how I can be happy. What's good about today is everything.


  1. Carol, I so much can relate. I am highly codependent and like you the 23 h left of the day arent always what I want, imagine or crave for. However having started a blog and my program it feels like I might get footing back in time. Surely I will come back to read again. Paula