Friday, May 29, 2009

Making Their Point

I cannot take care of others and assert my needs at the same time. (Copied down in one of my Alanon readers, a guy named Joe used to say it all the time)

Our work 'numbers' are down and my company is all over us with needs to be met. I come home and my son is full of the need for a car. I understand that work and children want things badly. I identify with them. There's nothing wrong with it and I would love to help them. I would love to satisfy them. My ego urges me to jump high to meet that need. My company, my son, I am bonded to them and honestly want them to do well. It is their nature to turn to me in need. They are doing what they do.

I was unnerved in both situations today and briefly I felt bad about myself. But once I left them, my equanimity returned. That stuff is just stuff. I am in the present and all is good. Trust God.


  1. Ah its a very grounded post for the end of the day - thank you!

  2. Whatever happens, and however long it takes to complete this life---lets' ALWAYS remember to trust God. That is the mark of a saint, which we--well, I!) are not! but, although ..."we are not perfect, we strive for perfection..."...THAT'S a long roadway from where I'm driving!

    Carol, you display a huge amount of growth...but I don't really know you. Have you always acted with such aplomb? (I looked up the word to be certain.....-grin!)